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When after years of hard work, I first introduced my program in 1997, I was certain that I had included everything that a newcomer in the appliance repair business should know.  After all, I had carried a camera and a tape recorder with me for two years and then assembled the information into a set of manuals.  What I didn't know was how well the program would really work. But now with thirteen years of experience and hundreds of success stories, I can say with confidence that it works very well.  Dedication and persistence are all that is necessary; the rest is in the books.  When people are "kicking the tires,"  they often call me with questions.  To help you better understand the program, I have listed most of their frequent questions.  Hopefully, honest answers will help you make an informed decision on the value of my program.

By following this program, people all over the country have started successful businesses and I have become friends with many of them. We have developed an informal club, my Nephew Club, to keep each other up-to-date with all the newest changes and chuckle about the challenges and frustrations of being self-employed and dealing with customers. Overall, we make good money and have a lot of fun.

Following are the most frequently asked questions regarding my program and how to enter the appliance repair business, with links to the answers. For clarity they have been grouped into four sections. But, first a video covering the most popular concerns of all, refrigerator compressor work and the new front loaders followed by a second explaining appliance brand confusion and two more on hand tools. 

Front Loaders and Freon

Understand Appliance Brands

Potential students often are concerned about the tools needed to do appliance work. I have done two videos covering the tools that I personally use. I am sure you will be very surprised. 

Basic Hand Tools I carry into the house.

Backup Special Tools that I carry in the truck.

Gold and Platinum Members can purchase access to my brand new Private Appliance Repair Library. View an introductory video:

Uncle Harry's Private Library Demo

1. Technical Questions

2. Business Questions

3. Pricing and Policy Questions

4. General Questions

Uncle Harry
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