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How long does it take to get started?

This is a tough question because I don't know you and your capabilities. The manuals are priority mailed within a few days of our receiving payment.  More aggressive people read through the manuals quickly, begin advertising immediately and start running profitable service calls.   Some are running calls a few weeks after ordering. 

On average most students of the program seem to get going in 6-9 months.  They read over the material, call me with questions and then are timid with the first service calls.  After a few months of experimentation, they realize things are a lot easier than they imagined, profits starts to flow and they get more aggressive. (And yes, the books do cover what they see in homes.)

It is common for a person to buy the first manual, check it over, realize the program is legitimate and call us with an order for 1/3, 1/2 or all of the remaining manuals.  It has been my observation that those who buy the entire program quickly seem to have a much higher success rate. Those on the monthly payment plan only get a book a month and it takes a long time to finish.  It takes a steady, persistent person to keep focused and wait out 18-26 months.

There are a large number of appliance repair ads in my Yellow Pages. Isn't there a lot of competition?

This is a very popular question and the answer is surprising to most applicants. (And I suspect that they are hesitant to believe my answer.) Actually the more ads the better! It means there is a lot of business in your area. No company continues a Yellow pages ad without profitable results; the ads cost a small fortune. You are only after a small slice of the pie and my program tells you exactly how to simply and easily carve it out.

Surprisingly, getting service calls is not a problem. Today customers are crying out for responsive, honest, reasonable service of any kind, whether it be on a car, a telephone a computer or on an appliance.  They are sick of voice mail, being on hold, and being ignored. A new service company can get started with ease by taking business away from Sears, Whirlpool, GE and the other national companies. The big boys are high priced and at best offer mediocre service . They are overrun with work and can't get good service people.  They are actually wonderful competition because they are so vulnerable. It is neither expensive nor hard to generate service calls. (See how do I advertise?)

What was your experience the last time you tried to get service? I'll bet it was  unpleasant, slow and high priced. Don't you think that given the technical skills necessary, you could provide better service?

Should I start doing warranty work for the national companies?

Sure, if you like working for 50% on the dollar. National companies historically pay half of the going labor rate for warranty work. In addition there is no profit on parts and they often pay slowly and argue over the bills. Forget it, there is a much better and more profitable way to make money. Warranty work seems like a good idea to an outsider but really it is merely a crutch. It created a delusion of being busy and making money, but no money is being made.

My program fully explains the warranty process and we can connect you with people who have tried it or who are doing it so that you can get their  valued input. Trust your Uncle Harry, looks can be deceiving.
How much money can I really make in this business?

Few outsiders seem to really understand service businesses. Plumbers, electricians, computer servicemen and appliance servicemen all charge about the same, $50-100.00 per hour, plus a minimum trip charge. Anyone who doesn't believe these numbers is living back in the 50's. Customers may resist but that's what it costs nationwide for skilled competent technical service. 

Using an average of $80.00 per hour, a busy man will bring in $640.00 per day. (Don't forget, he gets paid for travel time too.) My program only claims $300.00 per day. The truth is just too unbelievable, so I don't broadcast it. Plus it takes experience to average high numbers. But honestly, a typical service truck for any national service company grosses $130,000 - 150,000 per year. The tech operating the truck will get 30-40% of that gross as his pay. Yes, a skilled technician of any kind makes about $50,000 per year.

With my particular program, overhead is minimized, income and efficiency are kept high and you can do better than a typical serviceman.  Utilizing my techniques, a net of $50,000- $75,000 for a forty-hour week is realistically attainable. And that's without a boss! 

I already know how to run a business, can I just get the technical manuals?

I'm afraid I beg to differ with you. Many people think they know how to run a business, but few really do. If you know how to run a business you don't need me at all, hire a couple of skilled techs and go for it. You can purchase the technical manuals individually from the Catalog Page.

Even though the technical side is important, the real value of this program is in the business manuals. Many highly skilled technicians fail miserably at running a business. And many poor technicians do very well at building a business. Over time I have observed that those who blindly follow my business manuals (at least for a year or two) do much better than the "experts" who alter my program. 

For instance, I have an awful time getting newbies to charge enough. I have to hit them over the head and yell, 

"Use the Flat Rate Guide as a Bible!  Don't make up new prices."

Those who pay attention, do very well and the program succeeds.

I've been thinking about rebuilding and selling used appliances. A friend of mine seems to make a lot of money doing that.  What's your opinion?

This is a logical question but the answer is no, don't do it except as a short term learning tool. Keep in mind that this program shows you how to make easy money. Some rebuilders  do well, (the exception I might add) but it is a tough way to make a living. 

A reconditioning shop needs a lot of expensive, warm, dry space, trucks and strong backs (Ugh, employees already!) to move appliances around. The bulk of trade-ins are shot and need serious repairs. Customers tend to be poor and otherwise undesirable.  But worst of all, to stay in business, you must warranty the old junk for too long. Do I need to say more?

Rebuilding is covered in full detail in the program, but simply said, good COD work is far superior.

What type of advertising do you do to get the business started?  How much does it cost?

Unfortunately the answer to this question is neither short nor simple. It takes a lot of thinking and self-analysis on your part and is a cornerstone to the program. The answer spans 150 pages. It suffices to say that my advertising program is not expensive and yet it is extremely effective. A successful service company can be built on a shoestring ad budget. Our goal is to bring in a minimum of $4.00 of revenue for each dollar spent or four time as much. You will learn to tailor your advertising budget to match your goals and gradually build up your volume to where you want it. 

Some students are very aggressive and others grow more slowly, it's up to you.  The Master's Program includes more aggressive advertising techniques than the Associate's Program. 

It is important to note that although the Yellow Pages is a very popular venue for many service companies, I am not in favor of committing much money there. Yellow Page results have been declining for a long time.

As a member of the Nephew Club, you will be able to consult with both old and new companies around the country and learn how effective their ad programs are.  There are may ways to "skin the advertising cat" and it's fun to develop your own perfect solution.

It seems that most of you worry about getting service calls. You might a well start learning right now to trust your Uncle Harry; Getting service calls is not a problem.

I've been talking to the Yellow Pages guy and next year's book is closing very soon. Do you think I should jump in and place an ad?

No, not without considerable research!  The effectiveness of a Yellow Pages ad varies greatly place to place and book to book. Until you have carefully read through my materials, don't sign anything!  Ads are a very expensive and watch out, Yellow Pages sales people are on full commission. 

In spite of what the sales people will tell you, there are many other, more cost effective ad techniques. This complex topic is fully covered in the advertising manuals. (See topic above on advertising to get business started.)

Uncle Harry

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