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If I choose the Payment Plan option, do I get the whole program in the mail?

Well, not really.  Under the Payment Plan, you do not receive the spiral-bound, hardcopy manuals.  Instead, you are mailed a CD-ROM disc containing the manuals in electronic form as Adobe PDF documents.  Each manual requires a separate pass-code.  You receive the pass-codes for Manuals 1,2, and 3 with the CD-ROM disc.  The remaining pass-codes are e-mailed to you on a monthly basis by an automated system.

The automated shopping cart system also sends an e-mail immediately after your purchase with a link to the online versions of Manuals 1,2, and 3.

Your credit card is billed each month by the automated shopping cart system.  You will continue to receive pass-codes each month unless you send us a cancellation request, or a charge to your credit card is declined.  Cancellation requests must be received five days prior to your normal monthly billing date.

If you would like to pay ahead of schedule, call us at 1-800-958-4430.  Students often decide to pay for the course in full once they read the first book or two and see the value of the program.  We can also advance the automatic delivery of pass-codes by manually placing a charge to your credit card.

Anyone who pays off the program within the first 30 days will be considered a cash customer and receive the free tool kit or meter.

How soon do I receive my manuals?

Upon receipt of an order by either phone, email or snail mail, we call and leave you a message that we have received it. Telephone and web purchases are much faster. (In five years, we have had zero problems with web orders.) Within three days of receiving your order, we will send it out priority mail.  On paid in full orders all books are sent at once, followed separately by the parts and FREE meter.

On time payment programs, parts and or tools are sent when the program is paid in full.

Do I get a diploma after I am done? Is your school accredited?

Nope! Sorry, a diploma implies that we are operating an accredited school and that is not the case. This is a self-study business startup program, not a school. To award a diploma violates state and federal guidelines established back in the 60's when many shady "schools" sometimes called "diploma mills" offered diplomas in exchange for money. The "diplomas" had no relation to skills or education. Since "graduates" were really being bilked out if their money, regulators stepped in and passed a series of laws to protect consumers.

Now, to issue a legitimate diploma, requires that a school must be accredited and comply with a complex set of guidelines. We are not accredited. These guidelines include tests, grades and continual feedback of information between students and teachers. Among other things the guidelines also require that the teachers hold credentials from accredited institutions.  

Here, we merely supply you with information in a series of "How to Books". If your desire is to find out all there is to know about appliance repair this is the place you want to be.  However, everything is self-study.  No tests are sent in and no grades are ever given.  This is not a course in the school sense, instead it is simply a business opportunity.  You do it on your own. And sorry no diploma.

Some of you are concerned about customers asking for credentials, like a card or diploma.   Forget it, in 35 years no customer has ever asked me for any type of credential.  If one did, I would figure they were crazy and leave the job.  See this and related topics in the "Customer Relations" manual of the program.

I hope it is perfectly clear that we don't offer any sort of a Diploma; however, if you must have apiece of paper, I have recently discovered that you can get one from Damnation University (ole Dam U) for only $9.99. They offer various degrees such as
Associate I of Appliance Repair, a Bachelor of Appliance Repair, a Master of Appliance Repair and PhD of Appliance Repair. Go for it!

Does your program qualify for tuition reimbursement?

Typically only accredited institutions are eligible for tuition reimbursement and we are not accredited. Therefore the answer is no. However, occasionally an employer will decide to pay the program cost for an employee. Also, several appliance repair companies have purchased the program and used it to train their employees. The program is all carefully organized and an effective training aid.

What if I am unhappy with the program? Can I send it back?

Yes, we offer a 30 day trial money-back guarantee, no questions asked. The few returns we receive are never because of dissatisfaction with the program, rather they are a result of some unexpected change in health or finances.

We really encourage you to review and study the comprehensive literature available carefully before you make a commitment. This is a business venture and to succeed, it takes persistence and work. Numerous testimonials are always available for review. 

Can I order a single book or just certain ones?

Yes, but not the entire set of manuals included in the Associates and Masters programs. Single "Do-It-Yourself" manuals can be purchased through our Catalog Page for homeowners who wish to perform their own repairs.  Some of our "Professional" manuals are also available on the Catalog page.  However, additional manuals are included in our two course options which are not available individually.  Furthermore, the cost of all manuals needed by a professional going into business exceeds the cost of manuals purchased individually.  Therefore, as a professional, you save money by purchasing the Masters program.

Can I get a book out of sequence, like the Flat Rate Manual?

Often service calls start coming in before you are finished the program and you may not have the necessary manual in hand. Upon request we will send manuals out of sequence.  When such a circumstance arises, we can help you through a call over the phone or refer you to a particular part of the website.  Students on the Payment Plan receive pass-codes for manuals according to the Update Schedule as long as the payment for the previous month has been received.

Can I speed up the delivery of my manuals?

Yes, of course, and this is a frequent request. Impatience often sets in once you realize the true value of the program.  By sending in extra payments or calling us and authorizing a credit card charge, we will send advance your period number in the Update Schedule.  Since the delivery of pass-codes is cumulative, you will receive the pass-codes corresponding to the number of manuals for which you have paid.

Let's talk about the price of this program, it seems a bit high to me.

Please compare us to other legitimate business startup programs and you will find mine to be a terrific deal. My business advisers have been telling me for years that the price is too low! This is not a "Make $1,000 a day stuffing envelopes" scheme, this is for real and you will get real value.

Where else can you get your money back is one busy week; most franchises take years to pay off.  We preach that if you work hard, listen and follow instructions, treat customers fairly, you will build a terrific, stable respectable independent business good for the rest of your life.

And this is not the Middle East, where dickering is acceptable. With the exception of the occasional discount coupons that I send out, everybody pays the same price.

Uncle Harry

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