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Don't people just throw away their appliances instead of fixing them?

Side-by-side refrigerators start at $1,000 and most ranges and ovens cost from $500-1500. Dishwashers cost $300-900 plus installation. Only a fool throws away stuff that expensive. Yes, the a low appliance is sometimes discarded and, yes, customers tend to max out at $200.00 repair on a washer or dryer.  But there is plenty of profitable work available.

This program teaches you to target customers with money and many complex appliances, not those with old worthless junk.  We keep you from spinning your wheels and show you how to make real money. 

Will I be EPA certified to handle freon?

This is question often asked by industry novices. No, and for very good reason.  I strongly discourage tapping into sealed freon systems.  In the last ten years, the EPA has made it painfully obvious that they don't want freon exhausted into the atmosphere. The EPA rules are stringent and the fines exorbitant.

System work is very risky, expensive and a money loser. It also represents a tiny percentage of refrigeration work. All this is explained in the manuals. This is not to say that you can't go take the EPA certification exam, several students have and easily passed. But please read the manuals before investing a thousand dollars in special equipment. 

I personally decided to stop my men from doing system work over 15 years ago.  Call backs were always high and long term results very poor. Today, system work is performed mainly during the factory five year warranty period and on high end refrigerators like Subzero (costing new $3500-$5000). Homeowners seldom opt to spend $500 - $700 on a regular ten year old box; Instead they go buy a new one.

Do you cover all this new electronic stuff?

Yes. Digital touch pads and readouts like those on microwaves are now being used by nearly all appliances, particularly the upper models.  These computer processors are fully covered in the program and are real money makers for us. They are expensive, the markups are high, they are easy to replace and best of all, they fail often.

What about the new Maytag Neptune, is it included?

Yes, and I get a lot of questions about Neptunes; Maytag must be doing a good job of marketing.  But yes, among the Nephew Club members, we have seen our share of Neptune repair calls and are learning more as the product ages. Actually, most service men consider them to be expensive lemons, but that's another story.

We are up-to-date on not just Neptunes but all the new stuff.  In fact, we have a complete video series on the Neptune.  Please refer to the Washer Library Page in our Appliance Library.

Uncle Harry

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