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Following are several hours of interviews and numerous written testimonials.  Many important questions are answered here and in the FAQ section.
The folks interviewed simply tell it like it is, no baloney here.

Albert Peachy, a student from PA, spends a day with Uncle Harry.He's a very interesting Amish gentleman. Part 1- Meeting at Starbucks
Part 2 - Albert's Relections
"I love your program." Student Quote! Happy Student
Following are recordings of student help calls
Amazing recording of Brian, Honolulu, HI, running calls two days after receiving the program. Definitely a new record!  Brian
Eight year veteran stuck on a gas dryer. Dennis
Front loader door boot problems. Allen
Oven igniter trouble call. Bob
Problems getting parts on a front loader. Frank on an MP3
Brian in HI calls in two weeks after getting the Platinum Program. He's already busy! Brian's Secrets
Dave talks about a GE computerized frig call and his iPod. Dave
His first help call in a year. Frigidaire Pro range 1 in a 100
John gets stuck on a GFI outlet GFI Story
Channing needs help on compressors. Channing
Interesting Student Comments
Channing Van Goey gets my loaded iPod for Christmas Channing's Comments
John Frary talks about the jitters of initial service calls. John's Comments
Bob Johnson gets help on a leaking refrigerator. Bob's Comments
Concerning choices and quality of interview selections:
Audio Recording 1 (5 min)
Larry C., a 39 year appliance repair veteran,
gives his views on the appliance repair business
Audio Recording 2 (17 min)
As a new student, how fast can I get help:
Audio Recording 3 (2 min) 
Kevin G. reflecting on his repair career
seven years after being an Uncle Harry student:
Audio Recording 4 (37 min)
Charles calls from a customer's house:
Audio Recording 5 (12 min)
The best service call ever! Very funny:
Audio Recording 6 (3 min)
Richard on a Maytag service call:
Audio Recording 7 (10 min)
Kevin, a veteran parts manager,
discusses the appliance repair business: 

Audio Recording 8 (17 min)
Carlita B., business owner in NY,
views the competition and other business issues:    

Video Recording 9 (20 min)

Written Testimonials

Email from a Canadian who thoroughly checked me out:

Hi Harry:
Naaa,  you don't need to bother sending me anymore names, unless you can come up with another Canadian who has taken your program that I could talk to. As it is, I'm pretty much convinced that your program is the way for someone like myself to go - I live in a very rural area. I will either sign up online this evening or give you a call tomorrow morning. Thanks for the interest.
By the way, based on the testimonies I have heard from the half a dozen or so of your alumni I have spoken with, it would probably be better if you stopped referring to yourself as "Uncle Harry" in your literature. From what people are saying, I think that from now on you should be known as "Saint Harry" instead, since that seems a more accurate reflection of the way your former students (at least the ones I have talked to) are feeling. Truth Dude, I have yet to come across anyone who has anything but glowing praise and intense gratitude for the support you have provided them. Sooo... the only question is... is there any reason your program couldn't work up here on the northern side of the 49th? None that I can think of... but you might know something (a great many things, actually) that I don't.
Talk to you soon,
Raul Poole
Rock Creek, BC

PS Raul is very happy with the Program.

Quotes from letters:

Ned Goode of Glen Allen, Virginia. Ned sent in photographs of his new service van and a long letter. To quote in part:

....I sent away for Harry's program because it seemed interesting and could be done on your spare time and not interfere with my current job as a fireman. My exposure to the appliance repair business was non-existent but it seemed to make sense that it would be nice to know how to fix those machines all over my kitchen.

After reading a few sections on washers and dryers from Harry's informative entertaining books, I got hooked. I thought, "I could do this." I flew through the material gobbling up every word. It wasn't possible to grasp it all, because I needed practical application but I knew that would come in time. I fixed and took apart appliances in my home and found a few old pieces through friends. I experimented and let a few sparks fly to get down to understanding what I was about to take on.

I was beginning to learn how to fix a few appliances but needed help starting and running a business. The program goes into detail covering all aspects of running a business from A to Z. I refer back to the manuals on subjects such as advertising and communications all the time. One important part of the program that I have found unbelievably great is when I have a question or a problem I pick up the phone and give Uncle Harry a call to ask him advice. He has an 800 number and an emergency pager that is available when I am stuck at a customers house with a dryer apart and in need of assistance. I've used this service many times and been very grateful for Harry's patience and terrific advice. He listens very well and has always given me first rate information that has never been wrong. I truly appreciate this part of the program and believe it is priceless to the new appliance technician.

My confidence grows every day as I do more and more service calls. My business is growing rapidly and my income for repair work has been doubling each month for the last three. I am happy to report that I have reached my financial goals.

All I have ever wanted for some time is a business where I could help people with their problems and get paid a reasonable amount for doing so. Raker Appliance Repair Professionals, Inc have taught me a new skill that allows me to start a business that is in need in my growing area. I look forward to the challenges that come with each repair, knowing that with time, patience, and practice I can master this trade.

Many thanks to Harry Raker for this program and his patience.

William Gilbert from Peru Indiana. Maybe a little unbelievable, but nevertheless a direct quote:

Dear Uncle Harry,

...Appliance Doctor is the name I'm going to use, I have got my sales tax number from the state. Some parts outlets that I called to get a parts book wanted a tax number first.

I am very excited about working on appliances. My wife said that she has not seen me this excited since the day I asked her to marry me.

Uncle Harry, thank you for starting up this appliance program to help people like me that want to get ahead in life.

To protect the privacy of those kind enough to send in testimonials, phone numbers have been omitted. However, a stack of unedited letters with names and phone numbers is available on request. Call 1-800-958-4430 and request a "testimonial kit".

For more online testimonials view the attached files.

Testimonials File 1,   Testimonials File 2

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