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Digital Download Problem Help

Digital Download Link Explanation:  During the purchase process, the ShoppingCart system presents a screen displaying a "Digital Download Link".  The ShoppingCart system also sends you an email message containing the same Digital Download Link.  These links expire 24 hours after the initial purchase.  The Digital Download Link allows you to download the "Links Document" associated with your purchase.

If you receive a message stating that this link has expired, please contact us.  We can send you the "Links Document" for the product you purchased as an attachment to an email message.  Normally, you would have obtained the Links Document from the Digital Download Link.   The "Links Document" doesn't expire.  It contains the links to pages on our website where the purchased product can be viewed.

Digital Download Process for Manuals:

1. Click the link in the email message sent by the ShoppingCart system.

2. Right-click the "Download Now" link and select "Save Target As" in the pop-up menu. Save the "Manual_##_Links.html" file to a convenient folder on your hard drive for future reference.  Make sure you save the file using a .html suffix in the name.

For example, you might save the Washers manual download link as "Manual_01_Links.html"
in the C:\<username>\My Documents folder.

3. Using Windows Explorer, locate the file on your hard drive where you saved it.  You can find Windows Explorer by right-clicking the Start button and selecting "Explore".

Double-click the .html file.  The Links document should open in your browser, usually Internet Explorer.

4. The "Manual_##_Links.html" file contains a link to the manual that was purchased.

5. Click the link.  The "Online View" page on the website will be displayed in Internet Explorer.

6. The "Online View" page contains one or more links to the manual that was purchased.  Click the link and the first page of the manual should display if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed properly.  Make sure that the "Adobe Plug-In for IE" was installed during the Adobe Reader installation.  This plug-in allows you to view Adobe PDF documents within an Internet Explorer window. 

7. When Adobe Acrobat opens the manual for viewing, the first page is sometimes not visible. Click the right arrow at the bottom of the Adobe window to force Adobe to display the 2nd page. Then, click the left arrow to force Adobe to display the first page.

Digital Download Process for Videos:                                                       

1. Click the link in the email message sent by the ShoppingCart system.

2.  Save the "Links" document to a convenient folder on your hard drive.   A convenient folder could be the Windows Desktop, a subfolder of \My Documents, or C:\Temp.

3.  Open Internet Explorer and select "File/Open".  Click the "Browse" button and browse to the folder where the "Links" document was saved in step 2.
The Links document is an .html file with a name similar to "Video_Washers_##_Links.html".
Select the "Links" document and click the "Open" button.  Then, click the "OK" button.
The "Links" document will open in Internet Explorer.

4. The "Links" document contains a link to view the video purchased from our website.  Click the link.

5.  A page on our website will open in Internet Explorer.   Click the link for the video you purchased.    There are other videos on the Appliance Library pages, but you can only view the video that was purchased (unless you are logged into the Nephew Club).

If you still can't view the manual or video, send us a message on the Contact Us page of the website.

Note #1: The videos on the website are stored in streaming format.  Therefore, you must be connected to the Internet to view the videos.
Note #2: The Refrigerator Library Video Series link will take you to the Refrigerator Library page on our website which leads into a diagnostic flowchart.  The videos in the series are linked to boxes in the flowchart, so you need to click on a rectangle in the flowchart to see the associated video.

If you still can't view the manual or video,
Contact Us.
Uncle Harry
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