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Starting and running a business can be difficult.  Being stuck on a service call can be frustrating.  Every novice technician has been through the same thing.  Uncle Harry's Platinum Program gives you the complete list of training and support offerings, including a free year of membership in the Nephew Club.

Nephew Club membership includes support for appliance repair problems by email and text from Uncle Harry Mon-Fri 9-5 Eastern Standard Time.  You may receive a direct phone call from Uncle Harry depending on the situation.  We also provide support for Wizard tablet computers upon request.

Nephew Club membership provides access to the "online" version of the Appliance Repair Wizard.   You can try out the Online Wizard for 15 days at no cost here >>.

The "mobile" version of the Appliance Repair Wizard is delivered to Platinum Program purchasers on a fully functional Android tablet computer.  The mobile version is called the "Wizard Tool" because you can hold it in your hand, and access the content without an Internet connection.  It can also be purchased separately (see below).

The Appliance Repair Wizard is a tremendous tool for both novices and experienced technicians.   The Wizard Tool can be purchased separately through our secure, online shopping cart system here >>.

If you previously purchased the Platinum Program, merely purchase a subscription to the Nephew Club to take advantage of the Online Wizard.  Active Nephew Club members can merely use the Login button below to access the Online Appliance Repair Wizard.
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