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Potential Affiliate Profit went live in 1997, selling appliance repair training programs. Since then we have assisted many satisfied customers. (Listen to two hours of on-line audio testimonials.) Although we offer over 200 online appliance repair products, our primary source of profit is not our online videos, but our four training programs. They vary in price from $499 to $1898. See my online catalog. At present we’re generating an average sale of $1000 every 500 targeted views or approximately $2.00 per view. Although, obviously this is a niche market, the poor economy has resulted in a significant upward trend in sales. There are a great number of people looking for new careers. Present them with this opportunity and you can make money.

Affiliate Program Details

We have been using for several years as our checkout system and our affiliate campaign manager. We have found their tutorials to be very helpful and their system to be stable and well designed.

  • We pay 10% first tier commissions and 5% on the second tier.

  • Commissions are paid on the 30th of the month based on the previous month’s sales.

  • The minimum threshold for payment is $50.00.

  • All of the media materials that you need for your affiliate program are available at 1ShoppingCart .Com. (Sign up for my affiliate program.)   (Login to your affiliate account)

  • We have a 30 day refund policy and experience between five and 10% returns.

Helpful Hints

To date, we have discovered two primary and successful marketing areas for our programs:

  • The first group is those striving to start a new career and search words like “appliance repair technician training”.

  • The second group is more interested in starting their own business and search keywords like “appliance repair business opportunity”.

  • Consequently, we have an affiliate campaign and landing page specific to each group. The media needed for each affiliate program is different. You’re welcome to join both our Technician Training Program and our Business Opportunity Program and promote both.  (Sign up for my affiliate program.)

  • I feel that the appliance repair business opportunity world is an untapped gold line. Appliance repair is truly an unappreciated, but highly profitable, low capital start-up area.

The obvious keywords “appliance repair” are very general and generate a great amount of unqualified activity. A second very large group of tire kickers are those searching for free appliance repair help like “Kenmore washer repair”. I have wasted a fair amount of money playing in both those areas. Only a tiny percentage within these groups is interested in spending money for training or business opportunity. So be careful and don’t waste a lot of money here.

Since starting a business or learning to become an appliance repair tech requires a lot of help from us, most potential buyers test our customer support system before buying. They like to be assured that we really do answer the phone. After fielding their various questions, we direct them back into the Shopping Cart System for purchase to ensure correct affiliate tracking. We don’t believe in playing games with your efforts. We treat our affiliates with the same care that we treat our new appliance repair technicians. (To familiarize yourself with typical technician questions, see FAQ)

For years, the cornerstone of our sales has always been our $1298 program. Back in mid-November, 2008, we introduced a new $1898 program which includes 200 brand new repair videos shipped on six CD’s. (See our course catalog) Responding to the recent poor economy, we also introduced an electronic, economical technician training program for only $499. Sales of both of these programs have been very good and are a great opportunity for new affiliates’.

Buyer Demographics

  • Predominantly male.

  • 30 to 55 years old.

  • Mechanical ability, hands-on, handyman, do-it-yourself type.

  • A spouse is often involved in the program purchasing process.

  • Often worried about money needed for advertising, inventory, new truck, and length of the start-up period.

  • Worried about getting laid off or has been laid off.

  • Few sales are impulsive. Generally the customer mulls over the decision for a few days.

In recent months we have begun posting repair videos –see UncleHarryTech- and found them to generate a lot of views. (Interestingly, YouTube’s Insight demographics agree with what we have found.) We have preliminary indications that redirects from these videos are creating a slight increase in traffic. This may be another great area for affiliate activity.


Overall, the bulk of our efforts are focused on assisting new appliance technicians and updating our online materials rather than putting our efforts into website marketing. Consequently, we feel that our affiliate campaign is key to our success. Successfully partnering with you and utilizing your efforts and expertise will generate targeted traffic to our website and income for both of us. If like most of my potential students, you would like to find out if we really answer the telephone, call me at 800-958-4430. I am truly looking forward to working with you.

Uncle Harry

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